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Baby Pou Bathing Baby Pou Bathing
Taking care of an alien potato can sometimes be a lot of fun and if you always wanted an out of the ordinary pet you can now take care of Pou in the newest pou games for kids. Pou has been outside playing in the mud all day long and he got a little dirty. It is your job as his baby sitter to make sure you clean him up really good in time for dinner. He needs a bath and he needs it now! Take him to the bath room and prepare a nice warm bath for him. Make sure he has his rubber ducky and all his toys or he might cry. Use different types of soap and shampoo on him to get him nice and clean. Dry him up when he is done and get him ready for dinner. Find a new cute outfit to wear at the dinning table and enjoy!
Instructions Baby Pou Bathing:
Play this game using only the mouse.