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Doctor Clinic Doctor Clinic
Darum welcome and we hope you love it as we have long entrants so that you ducats every time you want. First you will have to meet your patients clinic, which is a very nice girl that please help her in every way and also to take care of her wounds as a doctor with experience since all the problems we have our little girl. Well, first you have to take ice cubes that will be genunghii fefitei wash, to clean, then you take tweezers and try to remove them from geninchii spines, feet, heel, back of hands and face is rough injured. The wool will have to remove the blood that is removed from the front, and once the entire body this girl is clean and aseptic dressings you can put it all over your body as quickly so that everything is so by the book. Lotions and creams that you have in the doctors office will have to put the girls body in the shortest possible time so that her wounds heal and heal as fast as our little girl to go to play.
Instructions Doctor Clinic:
Use the mouse to play this game.