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Draculauras Monster Spell Draculauras Monster Spell
Ever since she was a little girl, it was Draculauras dream to become a normal. She use a powerful spell to transform herself, but now she is sad. She would like to be herself again and she will need your help. In our new and exclusive game called Draculauras Monster Spell you can mix and match ingredients to create a potion and reverse her normality spell. There are eleven items from which you can choose only four. The items are shoes, cupcake, comb, purse, book, owl, bat, fish, plant, perfume and lipstick. Choose four and place them in the big pot to create a powerful potion. Give the potion to Draculaura and let us hope your combination is correct. In Draculauras Monster Spell if you create a bad potion, she will transform into a minion, bat, Powerpuff girl, she might grow a beard, become a pony or even a baby. If you get any of these results, it is a good idea to start over and create a new potion, otherwise this Monster High student will be very sad to be stuck with her Barbie looks. Make sure you use all the ingredients for the potion until you can make the correct combination. Have a great time playing Draculauras Monster Spell!
Instructions Draculauras Monster Spell:
Use the mouse to play this game.