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Ariels Princess Spell Ariels Princess Spell
Do you know the most beautiful princess named Ariel? She is a great mermaid princess, but her dream since she was a baby was to become a normal princess, just like the others. For years she dreamed of a way to become normal and now she found one. There is a spell which can help her, but you will be the one who will choose the ingredients for the spell. Do not waste any time and help the fabulous mermaid princess before a great girl in the game called Ariels Princess Spell! There are nine ingredients from which you can choose only four. There is a blow fish, a pearl, poison, perfume, lotion, fish bone, painting, fork and sea weed. Select the four you think will work best for the spell and place them in the big pot. In Ariels Princess Spell if you chose the correct ingredients, a normal Ariel will appear and she will have a great body and normal legs. If not... all kinds of crazy results will appear and the mermaid would not be happy with your choices. She might become a zombie mermaid, a baby, a fat girl or even Snow White. Have fun playing Ariels Princess Spell!
Instructions Ariels Princess Spell:
Use the mouse to play this game.