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Easy to Cook Lactation Cookies Easy to Cook Lactation Cookies
Lactation cookies are the cookies made with the combination of Oats, Flaxseed meal, and Brewer's yeast, they are the major milk-boosting properties. This is good for all girls and kids. Let's explore the cooking process of this healthy and tasty cookie. Get ready with the required ingredients listed in the ingredients page followed by cooking section. In cooking sections, you will have to follow some simple steps instructed in this game. Soak the Flaxseed meal in water for 5 mins and mix with all the remaining ingredients. Bake it for 15 mins in the oven (350 F). Now, the cookies are ready. Taste the cookies. You can prepare this cookies in your home with your parental guidance and surprise them.
Instructions Easy to Cook Lactation Cookies:
Use the mouse to play this game.