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Naught Baby Room Cleanup Naught Baby Room Cleanup
Babies are very naughty and playful. Come what may! They will do what they want. It is in their nature to go by their inclinations. This baby too is very mischievous and disobedient to her elder sister. She does not want to share her toys with anyone, even her elder sister for that matter. Both had a big quarrel over the toys and they threw everything all around, now the room looks in a complete disorder. The problem is that both will be scolded if the room remains in the same condition when their parents get back home after their shopping. Do you want them to be scolded by their parents? No, you do not want! Therefore, clean up the room as neat and tidy as you can by placing back toys and other things in proper places. Have fun cleaning!
Instructions Naught Baby Room Cleanup:
Use the mouse to interact.