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Baby Sophia First Easter Baby Sophia First Easter
Baby Sofias parents are very lucky to have a child like her. For the child is very smart and cute. Above all it can speak five languages. Relatives of Sofia have arrived to the house to celebrate Easter together, as one family. For Sofia this is the first Easter. The whole family has planned to go for shopping. Now the kid will be home alone. People say that you are so generous. Why do not you look after Sofia until her parents come? When the baby wakes up from slumber be there to do the cleaning. If the child cries, give her toys. Tonight she is going for the mass. But she has not taken bath till now. First of all request the kid brush the teeth and then give her a shower. While giving bath please do apply shampoo and rinse it thoroughly with water. Take the towel and wipe the head and the body thoroughly. Apply oil on the hair and give her a gentle massage for while. Comb the hair gently. Apply powder on the face. At the end, adorn the table with the things available. The whole family has arrived from shopping. They are very thankful to you for looking after the baby in their absence.
Instructions Baby Sophia First Easter:
Use the mouse to interact.